5 ways to improve your indoor cat’s welfare

Not many things are more enjoyable than a cat snuggling up to you while you sip a nice hot chocolate. At least if you ask me!

Nowadays many cats live indoors and there are some advantages to keeping your cats inside. For example, your feline friends cannot be run over by cars, hurt by other animals or suffer from harsh weather. However, there are also challenges, like the fact that this lifestyle can be under-stimulating. Fortunately, there are ways to improve your cat’s quality of life.

Feline company
Most cats benefit from company. It is easiest to get young animals used to each other, but it is entirely possible to introduce adult felines to each other. Cats interact in many ways: they play together, groom each other and just generally speaking keep each other company. Read more about cats’ social needs here.

Opportunities to climb
When cats are allowed to roam outdoors, they enjoy to climb trees or reach other spots with a good view. Therefore it is a good idea to offer scratching furniture and enable cats to use beams under your ceiling (if you have those), book shelves or or similar furniture that lets your cat get an “overview” of her kingdom.

Drinking fountain
Most cats do not drink enough, which can lead to kidney problems, constipation etc. Many cats prefer running water, which is why drinking fountains have become a popular solution. You can also try to give your cat wet food and/or add some water to their meal. Read more about drinking fountains here.

If there is no other cat in the household, your cat depends on you to help her get and stay active. There are lots of toys available and you should take the time to play with your cat most days.

Considering your cat’s senses
Cats have really good hearing, so if you blast your music at a high volume, you are really irritating your feline friend. Learn more about cats’ hearing in this short video.

How do you improve your indoor cat’s welfare?

The cute image is by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.


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